Little Vegan Restaurant in Guatemala

I came across this little vegan restaurant in Guatemala as I was going through my pictures from our recent trip.   I never would have thought we’d see a vegan restaurant in this out of the way/under developed part of the country.   Unfortunately, we just finished with dinner so we couldn’t eat there.   However, it didn’t stop us from buying a couple vegan chocolate chip cookies for a snack later.


You probably think the restaurant would be frequented by the young people who hear about  the vegan lifestyle in American and Europe but that’s not who we saw in the restaurant.   It was about 50/50 middle aged and young and all were locals.

I think it’s easy to eat vegan when traveling in many of the Latin American countries since there’s such an emphasis on fruits and vegetables with the locals.   But it’s still nice to see an actual vegan restaurant.

I’m sure the guy working there thought “muy loco” tourist taking pictures of his sign and menu’s but he loved that I wanted to take his picture.

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